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LADC-GEMM mourns the passing of collaborators

It is with deep sadness that we share news of the deaths of two invaluable collaborators in the LADC-GEMM project. Dr. George Elias Ioup passed away on Wednesday, January 20 in New Orleans, Louisiana and  Dr. Stan Kuczaj, died April 14 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.   Both men were co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Ioup for Data Management and Dr. Kuczaj for Technology Development and Field Experiments.  Their long expertise in the marine mammals and oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico will be sorely missed.

George-Ioup-WEB-187x225Dr. Ioup, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Geophysics at the University of New Orleans, founded the Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center in 2001 for ocean acoustic measurements and analyses of ambient noise and marine mammals. He served as the university’s Director at the John C. Stennis Space Center’s Center of Higher Learning and the Center for Energy Resources Management. Earlier, he was the Coordinator of the university’s Geophysics Program, Director of their Geophysical Research Laboratory, and a Senior Summer Faculty Fellow Acoustics Division at the Naval Research Laboratory.

Stan Kuczaj and friend_3Dr. Kuczaj was a professor of psychology and director of The University of Southern Mississippi’s internationally recognized Marine Mammal Behavior and Cognition Laboratory.  Dr. Kuczaj and his graduate students conducted international research on marine mammals and other animals, concerning comparative cognition, marine mammal behavior, communication and play. His work gained international recognition, having been featured in National Geographic, on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and Japanese Public Television.

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