Gulf Ecological Monitoring and Modeling

Useful links

Here are some links to websites with further information on many topics relevant to the LADC-GEMM project.


Sound Libraries and Underwater Sounds

DositsDiscovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS)
Marine animal sound library; learn about underwater sounds.




Voices in tVoicesInSeahe Sea (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
Interactive multimedia educational exhibit from Scripps Whale Acoustic Lab.



BritishLibraryBritish Library of Sound
Nature and human-made sounds.





Acoustic Recording Applications

WildSpectraMobileLiteWildSpectra Mobile Lite
Real-time scrolling spectrogram offering amplitude, power, dB, and octave-bands, plus recording and post-processing-routines.


SpectralAudioAnalyzerAndroSpectro Lite
Create a visual image from surrounding sounds.



AndroSpectroLiteSpectral Studio Analyzer
Free real-time audio analyser with 8 kHz spectral bandwidth.



SpectrumViewSpectrumView (iOS)
Visualize in real-time the frequencies that you can hear around you and even those you cannot.



Acoustic Recording and Analysis Software

IshmaelIshmael (Oregon State University)
Free acoustic recording and analysis software


WildSpectraWildSpectra (UNC at Chapel Hill)
For Macs (Apple)


Gliders (Automated Underwater Vehicles- AUV)

GliderWebinarA Primer on Gliders in the Gulf of Mexico
Webinar: Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS)





OceanGliderNOAANOAA National Ocean Service: What is a Glider?





AUVJubileeAUV Jubliee
Field demonstration of AUVs and other ocean observing technologies in the northern Gulf of Mexico with afive-day teacher professional development component.



An instructional website for building miniature underwater gliders.  Designed for middle and high school students.  Perfect STEM project.



The Technology Partners in LADC-GEMM

Proteus-FooterWebV2Proteus Technologies
Proteus Technologies is an innovative, leading-edge software and systems engineering solutions provider.

Seiche-FooterWebSeiche Technologies
Design, development and manufacture of underwater acoustic and visual systems for mitigation and measurement.


ASVltdLOGO-LinksPageASV unmanned marine systems
ASV is a leading manufacturer of Unmanned Marine Systems.


R2Sonic logoLinksPageR2 Sonic
High-quality, leading-edge underwater acoustic products.

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Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center

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Map of Study Area

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2010 Field Work

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Dr. Sidorovskaia explains the project

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David Rutter talks about ASVs

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