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NOLA students analyze LADC-GEMM acoustic data

Students from Warren Easton Charter High School – currently the top ranked open admission high school (public or Charter) in the city of New Orleans – are taking advantage of a unique collaboration with the LADC-GEMM research group at the University of New Orleans, to analyze underwater acoustical data collected during the LADC-GEMM 2015 field […]

The next generation and Glider advancements

The LADC-GEMM SeaGlide mini-underwater glider STEM activity has been a spring-board for 5 Newport OR high school students, into other ‘real-word’ opportunities. Glider technology was their focus during a summer engineering internship at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center.   All five had participated in producing and instructing the SeaGlide Teacher’s Workshop, and all had […]

LADC-GEMM celebrates World Oceans Day and an Ocean Oil Spill Science Legacy

LADC-GEMM celebrates World Oceans Day and an Ocean Oil Spill Science Legacy

Today, the UN kicked off celebrations to mark World Oceans Day, observed on June 8 each year. This year’s theme, Healthy oceans, Healthy planet, is one of the underlying themes of GOMRI-supported research projects, like LADC-GEMM.  Today, we reflect on the progress Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) has made in advancing oil spill research, […]

Remotely Operated Vehicles: another technology

Remotely Operated Vehicles: another technology

What does the LADC-GEMM project and Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) competitions have in common? Both are using technologies developed for ocean exploration; which can shed insight on the impacts from events such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Alex Turpin of NOAA’s PMEL Ocean Acoustics […]

Sneak Peek Screenings of “Dispatches from the Gulf”

Dispatches from the Gulf:  Six Years After the Largest Oil Spill in U.S. History A New Film By Marilyn & Hal Weiner. Narrated By Matt Damon. April 20, 2016 at  2 pm & 7 pm EDT   Dispatches From The Gulf investigates the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Featuring teams of scientists exploring the oil […]

LADC-GEMM mourns the passing of collaborators

It is with deep sadness that we share news of the deaths of two invaluable collaborators in the LADC-GEMM project. Dr. George Elias Ioup passed away on Wednesday, January 20 in New Orleans, Louisiana and  Dr. Stan Kuczaj, died April 14 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.   Both men were co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Ioup for Data Management and […]

Opportunities for college engineering students

post provided by Sean Griffin…..   Proteus Technologies LLC, located in Slidell, Louisiana,  provides engineering college students an opportunity to learn about oceanographic instrumentation design, development and the methods of deploying these instruments through its Student Outreach Program.  Keith Conley and Grant Hinkle, students from the University of Southern Mississippi School of Computing took advantage […]

Managing the 2015 acoustic data and a meeting to plan for the future

Managing the 2015 acoustic data and a meeting to plan for the future

How do we manage the hundreds of terabytes of Acoustic data collected during the 2015 field season?  Storing and archiving acoustic data presents challenges as data volumes are often large (tens to hundreds of terabytes from a single experiment) and there are many stages of quality control and processing.  Like all the programs funded by […]

20 teachers turn water bottles into mini seagliders

20 teachers turn water bottles into mini seagliders

SeaGlide Educator Workshop, 2016. The research and science behind projects like LADC-GEMM can often seem high-brow, inaccessible, and even confusing.   So, one of the ways the LADC-GEMM project aims to demystify ocean science is by using the popularity of robotic ocean gliders – like our charismatic “Otis” and “Clyde”- to engage teachers and students in […]

“Junior” and the real-time search for deep diving whales in the Gulf

Capturing Calls: Notes from the field. Lorenzo Scala, Lead PAM Operator, Seiche Limited. “Having spent years working with PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) systems on noisy industrial vessels around the globe, this experience with unmanned boats presents a rare opportunity for me to work from relatively quiet platforms. “C-Worker” and the smaller “C-Enduro” (affectionately referred to […]

Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center

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2010 Field Work

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Dr. Sidorovskaia explains the project

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David Rutter talks about ASVs

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